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tv   Today  NBC  January 23, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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>> join us at 11:00 as well. buenos días temperaturas en widow terrorists. only on "today," a 17-year-old girl who suffered brutal injuries in this parasailing accident tells her story for the first time. and sneak peek. how do you like your david beckham? covered or uncovered? an exclusive first look at the super bowl ad that's letting you decide today, thursday, january
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23rd, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" at 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a thursday. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer alongside natalie morales and dylan dreyer in for al. 11 states including right here in new york, take a look at central park, 16 degrees at this hour. dylan's going to have more on the cold weather coming up. we'll also have the latest on some breaking news overnight. justin bieber has been arrested. police held a news conference just moments ago. we'll have more on that in a moment. we begin on a thursday morning with the olympic games. the opening events are just 14 days away now, and mounting security threats are becoming a growing concern for athletes, their families and spectators
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alike. nbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, is in sochi for us. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. you can imagine what an agonizing choice this must be for many of these athletes, they've been training entire years for their families, this is the dream of a lifetime to see their sons and daughters compete. now they have to weigh the risks whether coming to sochi is worth it north. after years of dedication, competition and training, american athletes and their families are facing a choice they didn't expect. whether to go to the olympics in sochi or not. snowboarder sage's parents won't be joining him. terrorist threats were part of that decision. >> even if nothing happens, it's just having that concern just definitely limits you and makes you kind of freaked out the whole scene of the olympic vibe, you know.
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>> reporter: bobsledder asia evans' mother is going but will keep her eyes peeled. >> i'm certainly going to be more focused on my surroundings. >> reporter: that's the same approach the parents of speed skater brian hansen are taking, not pulling out, but watching closely. >> kind of brought us all together as a team usa. we're really on top of it as families. >> our son's going. unless they cancel the olympics, we're going to be there. >> reporter: with anti-russian islamic militants threatening the games, what are they trying to protect in sochi? the olympic venues are spread out over two main sections. there's the coastal cluster on the black sea built around a tight circle are the stadiums for the opening ceremony, ice skating and hockey. nearby is the athletes village. the area is connected to a train station and airport. 30 miles away up a winding road is the mountain cluster where the skiing and sledding events are spread out over slopes and valleys.
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and snowboarder sage doesn't expect he'll be venturing too far from the protected olympic venues. >> i'm just going to stick to myself and roll up into a little ball, do my event and just get out of there, i think. >> richard, are russian officials giving any updates on those terror suspects they are looking for, the ones we've seen pictures of who are thought perhaps to be in the sochi area? >> reporter: not really. and this is one of the tantalizing details or biggest risks that is still outstanding. there were initially six different suspected suicide bombers on the loose. one of them is believed to be dead. that would leave five different people who are somewhere in this country, one of them potentially in the sochi area, although perhaps not in this ring of steel all around the olympic venue. >> and richard, at the end of your piece we heard that athlete say he's going to roll up in the ball, he's going to compete and then get out of there. from what you've seen in sochi so far, are the russians going
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to be able to deliver a safe olympic games and not completely impact the feel and the spirit of the olympics? >> reporter: that's a difficult challenge because they have to be safe, so in order to do that, when you hold the olympics right next to the north caucusses, you don't want it to feel like a prison camp. and right now it is very difficult to get in and out of this area. there are layers of checkpoints. there are patrols. not many restaurants or bars. you can't bring in outside liquids. it is not going to be the same kind of open, fun experience that people had in athens or london or at other games. >> yeah, we're talking about 40,000 security personnel, richard, police, military, intelligence. are they everywhere you look? >> reporter: right now, they are on patrol, but you don't see them everywhere.
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a lot of these people are plainclothes. a lot of the surveillance is being done surreptitiously and covertly. russia consciously said they don't want it to feel like a militarized presence. but you certainly see them when you go through the checkpoints. you certainly see them as you try and enter and leave this olympic park. >> richard engel in sochi for us this morning. richard, thanks so much, as always. >> he wanted to have that feeling that the olympics have but safety is obviously the top priority. >> no question. let's turn to natalie. we are learning more about the arrest of justin bieber. >> that's right. new and serious trouble this morning for the pop star, justin bieber. he's been arrested in miami beach, accused of driving under the influence, drag racing and arrest resisting arrest. in a fuse conference, police say bieber acknowledged smoking pot and drinking beer. >> reporter: police say justin bieber was arrested and taken into custody in miami beach early thursday morning for allegedly driving under the influence and drag racing. he was reportedly driving a
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rented lamborghini. bieber has been posting photos and videos of his time in the miami area and has been spotted in different places around town the past few days including a miami beach skate park. the arrest is the latest brush with the law for the 19-year-old star. a neighbor in his los angeles neighborhood accused the singer of causing thousands of dollars of damage by throwing eggs at his home. police raided his home, taking evidence, but no charges were filed. and right now i believe we are looking at some live pictures of justin bieber a short while ago when he was taken into custody earlier this morning. we're going to have much more on this story throughout the morning. mean while, a big development is expected today regarding the future of the government's secret spying programs. a government task force is expected to recommend that the national security agency stop collecting americans' phone records. the privacy and civil liberties oversight board will also say
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the government should purge its huge database. in a speech last week, president obama laid out reforms but stopped short of getting rid of those programs. the violence has gotten even worse in the ukraine overnight as opposition leaders issued an ultimatum to the government. protesters burned barricades in kiev. demonstrators want ukraine's president to call early elections within 24 hours or face more popular rage. demonstrations began in november over the government's decision not to sign a trade deal with the european union. five people are under arrest this morning in connection with an infamous heist three decades ago. the arrests came after the search of the home of a former mobster who inspired robert deniro's character in the movie "goodfellas." those arrested included crime captains being charged in connection with a nearly $6 million heist at kennedy airport. at least one american is among dozens of suspects arrested after police in australia say they grobe up a
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major global money laundering ring. australian officials say they seized more than a half billion dollars in drugs, cash and other assets. they say the money was generated by drug smugglers, human traffickers and outlaw motorcycle gangs. firefighters spent all night at the scene of a massive five-alarm fire at a condo complex in dallas. take a look. the fire broke out early wednesday night. it burned for several hours, spreading from one building to the next. the complex was undergoing renovations and was believed to be unoccupied. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and in mississippi, a spectacular explosion there all caught on camera. this happened at a biodiesel facility that converts chicken fat to alternative fuel. this is just one of several explosions. the blasts were felt for miles away, and the flames knocked out electricity in the area. firefighters couldn't get close, so they just let the fire burn out. fortunately nobody was injured. love won't keep them together after all. "people" is reporting that the
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captain & tennille are getting divorced. captain darrell dragon and toni tennille have been married for 39 years. they had a string of hits and their own variety show back in the 1970s. they have no children. a minnesota family brings a piece of the winter olympics a little bit closer to home. check this out. take a look. tim smith and his family taking full advantage of all the snow they've been getting this winter there in minnesota. he built this mini-luge track inspired, of course, by next month's winter games in sochi. as you probably guessed, the smith house, very, very popular with all the neighbors and the kids. i'd like to go over there and go down that luge. that looks like fun. >> i'm impressed with that. very cool. >> my dad used to build a slope like that in front of our house, but the end went right into the street. >> probably not the way to do it. >> well, whatever ice luge you have in your backyard, we are certainly going to see them stick around for a while. the cold air is all across the northeast,ed midwest, even down south, and it is not going
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anywhere any time soon. but on the flip side of that, we have much warmer temperatures out west. so we're going from temps with windchills well down below zero to the heat and the very dry conditions in the southwest with high pressure still in control. temperatures up and down california still breaking records. we should be in the 70s and 80s. >> we're seeing mostly clear skies, 40s and 50s right now. notice around emeryville the camera bouncing around. those are the winds picking up around the east bay hills.
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high of 67 today. around the rest of the bay area upper 60s to near 70 in san jose, upper 60s to mid-60s closer to san francisco. close to 70 again, those would break records. close to that again for santa rosa, oakland near 70. low 70s around the tri-valley. temperatures warmer, no sign of rain as we head into next week. a última información en >> dylan, thank you so much. well, now to an overnight arrest tied to a major case of hacking. you probably remember it targeted some of this country's most prominent political figures. michelle kosinski is in london with the latest on this. >> reporter: hi, savannah. this is the hacker who allegedly got ahold of some of george w. bush's e-mails and published those interesting paintings he had had done. this hacker's goal for years, it seems, was not to steal bank account information or anything like that, but just to embarrass people. >> reporter: a high-tech hacker called guchifer was arrested in
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a 1,000-year-old town in romania identified with the help of u.s. authorities. he is suspected of hacking into the e-mails of george w. bush and family members, then distributing paintings by the former president including those revealing self-portraits. >> is that second on your credit, president of the united states, painter? on your resume? >> it depends whether you like the painting or not. >> reporter: he apparently managed to get bush family phone numbers and e-mails, hacked into the account of a close friend of hillary clinton, and accessed very personal e-mails between colin powell and a romanian politician alleging the two were having an affair which powell denied. she called powell the love of her life in the notes. among the others, guccifer bragged he had hacked steve martin, creator of "downton abbey," a former secretary of the u.s. air force. how is this possible? >> when it comes to e-mail, it's extremely easy to break into accounts. it's ridiculous. you have a login and you have a password.
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and in many cases you're talking about individuals who aren't technically savvy. so even though there's a lot of security around a lot of things they do, when it comes to their e-mail, it's pretty basic. >> reporter: guccifer now under tight security in a romanian jail. experts say it really is hit or miss, trying passwords that some of these hackers use to gain access. and when you're a public figure, it's much easier to get the info that would be used in security questions like what's your mother's middle name? back to you guys. >> all right. friendly reminder, don't make your password password. public service announcement. in other news, the widow of a man who was shot and killed inside a florida movie earlier this month is now speaking publicly for the first time. this as the alleged shooter's attorneys fight for his release on bond. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: for nicole olsen, a rare movie date turned tragic. >> blink of an eye, my whole world just got shattered into a million pieces. and now i'm left trying to pick
7:15 am
them up and put them all back together. and it's so hard. and it's so unbearable. >> reporter: olsen and her husband, chad, a navy veteran, were in a tampa movie theater earlier this month. as parents of a 22-year-old daughter, they treasured these moments. >> me and my husband didn't get a date night very often, much less a whole day to spend together. so i was just so excited and looking forward to spending a day with the love of my life. >> reporter: during the previews her husband texted the couple's baby-sitter, and that's when police say an argument started with another moviegoer who got upset over the texting. the dispute escalated. and then gunfire. >> right now i'm just still trying to recover from the shots. >> reporter: curtis reeves, a. 71-year-old retired police captain is being held without bail. >> everyone with a cell phone is at risk. i mean, you never know when this guy is going to go off again. >> reporter: he also worked as security director at busch
7:16 am
gardens and served as president of his local crimestoppers program. in court, his attorney has said he was defending himself. according to an arrest affidavit, chad olsen had thrown popcorn at reeves, and reeves said he feared being attacked. he's due back in court next month. >> it's just unimaginable. >> reporter: nicole olsen is recovering from a bullet that hit her hand and the loss she never expected on a date with her husband. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. >> well, we'll shift gears now. never expected on a date. >> the super bowl between the broncos and seahawks is in two weeks. on wednesday sherman faced the media given. >> reporter: if we are just talking statistics, the seahawks are lucky to have sherman.
7:17 am
butch his comments after clinching a berth in the super bowl have made him a rising topic off the field. and now sherman himself is speaking out. >> if i would have really known it was going to blow up like that, i probably would have approached it differently. >> and the seahawks are going to the super bowl. >> what blew up was sherman's temper, unleashed minutes after the seahawks won the championship game. the play he's talking about, this one, a game saver, when here blocked a pass intended for 49ers receiver michael crabtree. >> picked off! >> that ended the game. sherman said he tried to shake crabtree's hand and was pushed away. sherman now apologizes for the comments and said he got caught up in the moment. the 25-year-old football star
7:18 am
went on to compare his style to mohamed ali and deion sanders. both well known athletes and trash talkers. but it's the word used by sherman's critics that are getting a lot of attention. some calling him a villain. >> i don't think i'm a villain. >> others calling him a thug, which he says he takes offense to. >> the only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it's the acceptable way of calling someone the "n" word. >> he says he's learned a lesson but on the field, doesn't expect him to chang. . >> i can only be myself. >> a mic on him did have him saying "hell of a game, hell of a game" before getting shoved in the face.
7:19 am
so apparently there are two sides to the story after all. >> jenna wolfe,thank you very much. >> we have a pretty heart warming story today. this is dorothy who in 1996 had a brain tumor. she lost the ability to speak and she started jotting down random letters. she passed away and her granddaughter posted theseline and 13 minutes later they cracked the code and let's figure out exactly what dorothy was doing. this is the lord's prayer. she was writing prayers and
7:20 am
songs. we talked to the family this morning and they're thrilled to know that's exactly what it was. 13 minutes. so it got us thinking about our own code, and i have right here -- let me get my phone. this is a song, these are the letters. i'm going to post this to our facebook page right now. i'm going to take a picture it have. you can go to our facebook page and try and crack our code. isn't that a nice story, though? >> that's a great story. >> it takes my breath away. >> she was praying the whole time. >> dylan has cracked the code. >> can you give us a hint? >> coming up, only on "today," a 17-year-old girl who suffered brutal injuries in this parasailing accident tells her story for the first time. >> and a dangerous concoction
7:21 am
teens are making and drinking
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good thursday morning to you. 7:26. i'm peggy bunker. investigators look into the shooting death of an 11-year-old boy in contra costa county. deputies found the boy suffering from a gunshot wound at a home in oakley. a preliminary investigation indicates the boy may have accidentally shot himself. >> crews put out an apartment fire. the fire broke out about 6:00 this morning. this is happening at an complex on stevenson street not far from market and 101. no word on injuries. comcast an nbc universal announced a 10-year agreement with the san francisco 49ers and levi stadium as part of this deal comcast will provide fiber based either net internet access and video capabilities including free wi-fi for fans.
7:27 am
and comcast sports net bay area will build a new state of the art tv studio at the stadium. checking with rob as we get a look at the forecast. >> good morning. we're watching offshore winds, causing a red flag warning for the north bay hills. wind speeds up to 40 miles per hour for elevations above 1,000 feet. closer to sea level you got mostly clear skies, 41 in san jose moving through the afternoon we'll see temperatures climbing close to 70. hazy skies. around the bay area upper 60s around the peninsula, mid-60s closer to san francisco, north bay breezy and dry near 70 in santa rosa. low 70s out toward the tri-valley. our temperatures climbing up even more, middle of next week seeing highs approach mid-70s. here is mike. >> we're looking here toward 101. an easy drive from this view.
7:28 am
let's show you the maps. there is slowing at the top, even more slowing for north 280 approaching 17 and 85 approaching 17. both scenes of earlier crashes. there is debris north 85. watch west 237 a crash at zenker caused a slowdown. that is starting to recover now out of milpitas and in toward the greater san jose area. looking here as well for the tri-valley. a crash between a semi and a bus. no injuries reported. >> thanks so much. we'll have another local update for you coming up in about half hour.
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7:30 on a wednesday morning, january 23, 2014, as much of the nation deals with a deep freeze. making headlines, a government task force is urging president obama to stop the nsa's controversial collection of telephone data. they say it is illegal and raises serious threats to the civil liberties of americans. crews working through the night to contain a massive five-alarm condo fire. all but one unit was vacant at the time.
7:31 am
no resident were -- residents were injured. one firefighter was burned. justin bieber arrested for allegedly drag racing while under the influence. we'll have more in a little while. also ahead, have you heard of scissor? a "rossen reports" warning on a dangerous drink to yet high. and the first-ever olympic u.s. women's ski jump team including sarah hendrickson. tomorrow, a live interview with former presidential candidate mitt romney. we ask about the revealing documentary on his two runs for the white house. and as the man who ran for the salt lake city olympics, we'll ask him for his ideas on securing the games in sochi.
7:32 am
let us begin with a young survivor of a terrifying parasailing accident speaking out for the first time. here's kerry sanders. >> reporter: alexis measures her accomplishment one step at a time. are you in pain? >> my head twitches, but my back is the issue. >> reporter: doctor feared she would never walk again after she and a friend, sydney good, on a florida vacation, almost died. that's the two girls. their afternoon parasail ride off panama six months ago went terribly wrong. gusty winds slammed them into a 13-story building, then power lines, before plummeting into the ground, smashing into a parked car. >> i remember a lot. all of it, actually. i mean, to the point where i blacked out. i don't know. >> reporter: is it too hard it relive? can you tell me?
7:33 am
have you ever seen the video? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you don't want to see it? >> i lived it. >> reporter: in her first interview since the accident, alex alexis, hold a computer image of her skull. you lost this part? >> that part is in here. >> reporter: she's had three cranial surgeries. alexis reads at a fourth grade level. >> i don't know that word either. >> reporter: abundant. >> i can't remember numbers. >> reporter: math is even more difficult. if i say 271 and you say -- >> 271. >> reporter: okay. we'll come back later and see if you remember that. >> all right. >> reporter: her parents rarely laugh. >> i can't do. this i can't talk about it. >> reporter: it was later that they learned parasailing is outlawed. >> you have to have laws to make it safe. >> reporter: the family is being represented in a lawsuit against the parasail company and the resort.
7:34 am
the parasail company, aquatic adventures, said, "it is our policy not to comment while there is outstanding litigation." while treasure island resort where the girls arranged to go parasailing "expresses sympathies to the injured young ladies," in their statement they said, "we are unable to comment further at this time." you speak very clearly and directly for somebody who has traumatic brain injury -- >> i know. i know. >> reporter: your thought is clear. >> yeah, i know. >> reporter: what number? >> next question. >> reporter: you forgot? >> yeah. >> reporter: alexis and her friend who is all still dealing with a brain injury, once carefree teenagers -- now, their lives changed forever. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, huntington, indiana. >> she doesn't want to watch the video. we've seen it so many times. it's amazing they weren't killed when they slammed into the building. >> incredible what they went through. incredible how quickly they've been able to recover. >> right. >> still a long road ahead,
7:35 am
though. >> a long way ahead. let's check the weather. dylan's in for al. >> we are talking about the cold. we're also talking about snow. we've got some snow showers just to the east of denver where temperatures are much colder than they have been lately. you can see moving through the denver area, we have this batch of snow. this is one of those clipper systems that's going to continue to dip further to the south. eventually into texas where we have winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories for a little bit of snow. more for freezing rain. we are look at perhaps the possibility of up to .1 inch rain of north of san antonio. this will inch closer and closer to houston through the night tonight and into early friday morning. so tomorrow morning's commute could be very slippery when you have that .1 inch up to.25 inch of ice on the ground. elsewhere, lake-effect snow showers through upstate new york and pennsylvania. it is cold to the east of this front. and it is still warm with record-breaking temperatures still out in california.
7:36 am
temperatures will be very warm up in the 80s in part of san francisco. we're still looking at those dry conditions with no relief to the drought out that way. that's a for now cool start to the morning. 30s and 40s, what we're not seeing wind but around emeryville 54 degrees, offshore breezes bouncing around the camera. upper 60s, close to 70 there. the coast a high surf advisory through friday. some sets up to 15 to 20 feet. fog is creeping up the coast. highs today 60s and 70s. i get a record-breaker possible for parts of the bay area. >> to check your weather, go to or weather online. >> thank you very much. coming up, a "rossen reports" alert for parents. the dangerous and shockingly new
7:37 am
way teens are getting high. on "trending," you know the danger of texting while driving. how about texting and walking? a new reason why you might want to keep your phone in your pocket. first, these messages. you to keep your phone in your pocket. but fi [ ashley ] everywhere i go, i'm preparing for the olympics. that's my end goal, that's my end destination. when i'm on the ice and it's one of those frigid mornings, i often think about somewhere really warm that i can travel to. for me, even a quick weekend trip somewhere to kind of reset makes me a better athlete. what keeps me going through those hard days is imagining the places that i'd be able to go travel to. [ male announcer ] be a weekender like ashley wagner. take some time for yourself at hotels like hilton and hampton. book now at
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i'm gonna need to speak with the supervisor. i am the supervisor. oh, finally someone i can talk to. [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. new smartphone plans starting at $45 a month, with no annual contract. only from at&t. we're back at 7:41. this morning the dangerous way some young people are getting high. jeff rossen is here with a warning. >> good morning to you. it is a dangerous drink that can send you right to the hospital. what's so scary, kids can make it using common household products using soda and candy. as we have seen time and time again, celebrities are glorifying it in music. doctors are issuing an urgent
7:42 am
warning after seeing videos like this. >> you got to start off with the candy -- >> if you've never seen it -- >> all day, that terrific drink. >> -- chances are your teen-ager has with youtube hits growing. it's called sizzurp, yes, spelled like that, or the purple drink. a mixture of soda and candy for color and mixed with cough se syrup. >> it can essentially lead you to stop breathing. >> the sweetness combined with the drug itself makes people want to have this all day long. >> and teens keep drinking this like it's juice because it's so
7:43 am
sweet? >> exactly. they keep drinking it until it's almost too late. >> an overdose? >> yes. >> making matters worse, sizzurp is glamourized in songs like this. then there's super star rapper lil wayne who appears to show it off in this documentary. just last year he was rushed to the hospital reportedly after abusing sizzurp. >> kids are seeing this all over on the internet, seeing their favorite music stars talking and singing about this and then they turn to their home medicine cabinet. >> reporter: its popularity shining the spotlight on to and
7:44 am
a -- teen-age drug use. >> these are dangerous prescription drugs, whether they're mixed with soft drinks or mixed with jolly ranchers, it doesn't chang that fact. this is within of the more dangerous ways, frankly, to get high. >> reporter: what's the best advice for parents? experts say be pro active with your kid, talk to them, even if you think to yourself my teen-ager would they ever do that. experts say it's popular at parties and looks harmless. but looks can be deceiving. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, an exclusive look at the david beckham ad you will see at the super bowl. >> and then savannah went to jury duty yesterday and started a twitter trend in the process. carson will explain from the orange room right after this. [ male announcer ] at tropicana,
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7:49 am
we'll erase that question mark a little later on. meanwhile, earlier in the program carson asked you to crack a code. carson, the viewers were quick to respond. >> unbelievable. chris wickerham, where are you? how did you crack this in less than two minutes? the on clue i gave when we posted this right here is that it was a song. you look at this and tell me hough you could possibly figure out in about 90 seconds what is song this is. chris figured this out. i don't know how. it is "locked out of heaven" by bruno. look at this. ♪ i've been locked out of heaven, for too long ♪ i'm not going to sending anymore. >> savannah, you had jury duty yesterday. you started a twitter forum.
7:50 am
things not heard at jury duty, pick me, pick me. there were some really clever ones. . "i wish they'd take away our mobile devices, this thing is distracting." "civil duty is a privilege and obligation." go to "today." there are some really, really good ones. >> there are somes li like i lo these chairs, they're so comfortable. >> moon while you impressed them, they kicked you right out. >> i have to say new york supreme court, i was very impressed. they run a tight ship and thank you for not picking me. >> why didn't they pick you?
7:51 am
>> i had a really good excuse. it was a long trial, i was not able to do it. they didn't get into the real reasons they wouldn't want me on a jury. we only scratched the surface of why they wouldn't want me on a jury. >> any lawyer who really starts questioning her, just opens the door and that's it. >> bye-bye. >> the latest on the overnight arrest of justin bieber in florida. these are some pretty serious charges. >> and also the ladies set to soar into history, the first ever ladies' ski jumping team [ garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there to cover up flaws and make skin look pretty. but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skins' natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that?
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. health officials urging people to get flu shottings. it is not too late. this after 28 people have died in the bay area. the counties hardest hit. several reporting more deaths yesterday as officials expect the number of deaths to rise as the season continues for the next few months. a single mother from vallejo seems to be in the right place at the right time. she was on interstate 80 yesterday when she saw a car crash, one of them flip on its roof. she jumped out, ran to the scene, pulled an injured woman from the smoking car. it's the second time she's done this in 2011 she was on 101 when she saw this big rig crash catch fire. she saved that driver's life too. let's check in with rob. good morning. >> good morning. chilly temperatures, we're not seeing a lot of wind around san jose. 41 around the peninsula near
7:57 am
foster city. 56 right now around emeryville. you can see the camera bouncing around. we'll see highs approaching the upper 60s near 70. an area of low pressure tracks to our west. unusual for it to move east to west. we're seeing that today. coastal fog will return moving south to north. isolated showers possible in the see air raxt highs close to 70, morgan hill and low 70s possible around the tri-valley. >> we see the oakland -- there it is shaking you talk about the east bay hills watch for gusts, no major problems for drivers. a lot of commuters heading up past the coliseum. 880 as well as westbound 580, southbound 880 at marina boulevard the off ramp closed by a big rig. a fire crew, just in tas there are problems. use davis as the alternate. slow south 880 through the area. mission boulevard reopened. they are working on that power pole. >> mike, thanks. another local update for you in
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming, breaking news overnight. pop superstar justin bieber taken into custody accused of drag racing while driving under the influence. we'll have the latest from police in miami. ♪ better faster stronger then cleared for takeoff. meet the members of team usa's first-ever women's olympic ski jumping team. ♪ no no no no and boxers or something briefer? that is the question. e e ed.
8:01 am
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
8:05 am
8:06 am
8:07 am
cool, breezy start to the morning. temperatures today climbing. mid to upper 60s in the peninsula. into the north bay, 70 in santa rosa. look at the temperatures around the trivalley. tomorrow we'll see temperatures cooling just a little bit, rebounding again for the weekend as the highs stay in the 70s. unfortunately no rain in the urse in salt lake.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
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8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
all three started at 10 years old, henderson making her television debut here on "today" in 2002. >> it's her first year jumping. she's 7 years old. >> way to go, sara! >> olympic slopes. once an impossible dream. >> i was watching it on tv and i thought i would never be able to do that and i wanted to do that more than anything. >> but now these women hope to
8:19 am
soar their way to a goal, something women never thought they would have a chance to do. we are joined by the first-ever u.s. women's ski jumping team. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> lindsey, you're sort of the elder states woman at 29 years old in this sport. you fought so hard to even get here, to have this be an olympic sport and now you get to go and be in sochi. can you eve put that into words, what that means to you? >> no, not at this point. i'm pretty overwhelmed and excited. i'm looking forward to going and jumping in sochi and showing the world our sport. >> jessica, you've been involved in ski jumping since the beginning. how do you feel going to sochi? how do you like your chances and house of representatives do you size up the competition? >> i'm just really excited.
8:20 am
all the girls from all of the different countries have been working so hard to be there as well. so regardless of who medals, it's going to be well deserved and it's going to be a fantastic show. >> it is indeed. sara, i have to, first of all, welcome you back to the show because we first saw you in 2002 when you were all of 7 years old. i know you recently had an injury, you just came back, you've made the team. how are you feeling? are you feeling strong on your knees? >> i feel really strong. i'm really excited. i put a lot of hard work in the gym these past five months and i'm actually stronger than ever. so i'm really excited to be a part of this amazing team and privileged to go to sochi. >> i love to watch you guys do this because what comes to mind when you it is fearless. lindsey, can you explain what it feels like to be soaring at 60 miles an hour. you drop almost two stories.
8:21 am
explain what this experience is like. >> the feeling of flying and ski jumping is very unique. i would most closely relate it to having your hand out the window at 60 miles an hour but on your whole body. eight ve it's a very unique, addicting feeling. it keeps me come being back every day. >> there's been a lot of talk about some of the security concerns in sochi. i just wonder is an gomce and
8:22 am
8:23 am
buildings either in town or in near neighborhoods just cheap.
8:24 am
>> reporter: sure the agricultural roots still show, but that doesn't make everybody here a
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
classic america patchwork quilt and sweaters. tried to do something by hand, made in america. >> made in america. last time there was some controversy. >> we heard it, we so proud to work with vendors across america, across the united states to contribute to this
8:32 am
team. >> and there's a charitable component as well. >> all proceeds go to the team. >> how do our curlers feel about this? >> we're very excited and thrilled to be walking in the opening ceremony wearing this gear. it's great. >> it's very patriotic. it
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
ck to you ys >> dylan, thanks a lot. coming up from a hollywood icon's estate to a kardashian mansion. we'll take you inside some celebrity homes that are on sale. >> and what you need to do right now to have your retirement plan make you some more money. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team.
8:38 am
okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. i'm detecting increasing levels of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks. great glittering galaxies. the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! explore more, and save up to 25% on select nights at a disneyland resort hotel. there's no end in sight. i'm going to need more time. . we are back now at 58:30 with today's real estate and a peek inside some of the celebrity homes that are for sale. celebrities selling, let's start with eddy murphy. this is northern california
8:39 am
thrchl is one heck of a house. when you get the first view of you a ath some amazing front entrance. it's got a tremendous price on it. all of the furnishings are included in the price. it's $12 million. i say why not. if it gets that price, it's going to the highest price by far of anything sold in the sacramento area. ten bedrooms, 14 bathrooms. that's the bedroom. who wouldn't want to sleep in that bathroom. the views are from every single window. that's a small little gym to work out in if you're wanting to get in shape, four wet bars, 12-seat screening room. the house is 12,600 feet. that's the house for you. you're buying it today. >> let's go. a little closer to home we've
8:40 am
got spike lee's in the upper east side. >> east 16th. this is a most unusual house. it's been occupied by celebrities from the get-go. it was a stable of the horses for vanderbilt. jasper jones. it's a spanish revival house. it's huge. it's wide. and the most unusual thing about this house is divided by a courtyard with a fountain in the middle you'll see in just a moment which is a unique i meanty in new york city. tiny dining area that seats six. who doesn't want that. there are 12 courtyards for sale in new york city but they're all belonging to churches and schools. that's a unique house and people are going to pay a lot for that. let's go back out west, chole kardashian. >> the houses, flip and turn all
8:41 am
of the time. this is 8,000 square foot mediterranean house. two-story foyer, lots of hand made things, there's the foyer. it includes tumble stones, custom built-ins, a formal living, dining area, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a billiard room with exotic safari, kind of sexy. they bought this for a lot less money. they're hoping to make a 35% profit. will they do it? i think so. it's in mint condition. >> let's do chris brown's home in the hollywood hills. >> this is inexpense i, only 1.2 million. it looks modest, entering from the elevator.
8:42 am
what's interesting about this house is he had painted the outside of the house with his own artwork. there's graffiti on the inside but then he painted over the outside with green paint. maybe the neighbors complained. who knows. the striking interior has the soaring ceilings, walls of glass. let's not forget the inside extra things like that great work room. this is the charmer of the house. a water fountain, a pool, panoramic views of all of the hollywood hills. what's wrong with this house? it's delicious and it's going to sell quickly. >> that looks like like a party house. >> that's the one for you, under 2 million. >> barbara cork rin thank you very much. coming up next, is there a magic number that you need to have to retire? we're going to answer your retirement and 401(k) questions. first on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc. nbc universal's coverage of the 2012 london games
8:43 am
was the most watched television event ever. so, what's next? the upcoming winter games from sochi. where every second of nbc universal's coverage
8:44 am
will be available on every device. on tv, online or streaming on the nbc sports live extra app. beginning february 6th, experience the winter games everywhere. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal
8:45 am
today's money is brought to you by ing. we're back now at 8:450 mo performance enhancing drug on "today's" money. if you're one of the more 73 million americans who have one, studies show there's a good chance you're not using it to its potential. jean chatzky is here with the most you need to make right now. good to see you. >> good morning. >> 30% of people have a 401(k). that's the good news. the bad news is a lot of people doing things that leave money on the table. >> only 11% of people are maxing out right now. we've got to get those numbers up. >> you want people to rebalance. what does that mean? >> it means you take some of you winners and you sell them and buy things that haven't been doing especially well. you want to go back to the asset allocation, the percentage of
8:46 am
stocks and bonds that you think is right for you age and your risk powers. and you've got to do it once a year. >> sometimes you're going to ask people to sell things that they think is doing well for them just to get in balance. >> it's hard thing to do but if you don't do it you're taking too much risk because the stock market has been on a real tear lately. >> target date retirement funds. what are they and why do you like them? >> i like them because they do the rebalancing for you. they're essentially funds that manage themselves toward your particular retirement date. most funds have them these days, most plans have them these day and if you say you're going to rebalance and never rebalance, you should be in one of these. >> your next piece of advice sounds obvious. you want people to increase their contribution amount but you want them to do it like one or two percent. >> if you're at 3% and i tell you to go to 10% it's like a crash diet. it's going to hurt and you're going the fail. nudge it up one or two percent.
8:47 am
do it again next year. eventually you'll max out. >> we had people give us their questions online. carson is over in the orange room with some of those. what did you hear. >> betty k. is asking jean, 401(k) is there a magic number that says yep, go retire? >> i wish there was. it would make my job easier. what you want do is a use a retirement calculator. you'll put your information in. it will spit out a number that you need to be saving and that's what you fol follow. >> this is from kathleen, should i roll over my 401(k) even though it's performing well? >> you do not have to. if you like the options, you can leave it alone. >> i think that's good for right now. >> let me ask you this other thing. we talked about roth, we need to talk about roth 401(k)s. this is something where you want people to split up a little bit. >> this is relatively new. 401(k)s are offering a roth option which means you can put
8:48 am
money that you've already paid the taxes on in and you don't have to pay taxes again when you full them out. it they're particularly good for young people or anybody who thinks their tax rate is going to be higher in the future. so you can split your contributions, some in traditional, some in roth. >> what you're seeing a lot of is larger companies are offering their employees professional financial advice. do you reck that employees take the advice of the company that work for? >> it's not the company that you work for it's often the company that is your retirement plan provider or a third party company. your company can't give you this advice. yes. i think this is a great idea. research has shown that people who take the advice actually do better. to if you feel like you're speaking a foreign language when it comes to your money, this is a great move. >> jean chatzky thank you very much. keep the questions coming. jean is going to stick around and answer more in the orange room. meanwhile up next we're
8:49 am
going to reveal "today's" book club's next selection and talk hearing
8:50 am
we're back at 8:50 with today's book club. we're starting a new round of reading. savannah just changed. >> our book club has been a hit.
8:51 am
we began with "the bone season." our next book is "bridgette jones, mad about the boy" and our next big reveal is "under the wide and starry sky." a compelling read, a mix of fact and fiction. i recently caught up with this author, nancy horan. take a step back where the stakes are high and so is the romance. a story spanning san francisco, paris, scotland and back. a young mother of three running from a fa landering husband a. an unexpected love, scanned at the time but genuine at its core >> i feel and responsibility to the real people. >> it's easy to lose yourself deep in the pages of the past. >> what i did with this book and
8:52 am
also with the previous book is take the journey with these couples. >> that previous book, best seller "loving frank" a blend of fact and fiction. >> when i bumped into that story and learn about that story, it took me by the shoulders and shook me. >> a little known story about the complicated love affair between a legendary argument tech and one of his clients. both mauried at the time. >> i am led to great women by first becoming interested in the men, the artist. >> and the man in question in her latest book, famed awe tore robert lewis stephenson known for greats like "treasure island." in her new book he reveals the dynamic relationship. again i'm covering an unknown negative gayet of dramatic
8:53 am
historical fiction. >> the book details how she helped him find his hois. she was perhaps his best and worst critic and he rebelled against that. >> he did, absolutely he rebeld against it. >> fannie is a force, a modern woman in a modern era. >> she wassed a ve adventurous. >> it ignites an adventure with timeness relevance. >> one of stephens observations, everybody soon or late sits down to a banquet of consequences. i think that resonates with you and the characters and in the novels you have written. >> you're so right. you're looking at the choices that people have made and the consequences that follow those choices. >> well "under the wide and
8:54 am
starry sky" is out now. get it and start reading it. that will be after the olympics. >> you read a lot of books. i don't know where you find the time. >> a lot of flights, traveling, that's where i catch up. >> look over here. >> andy. >> you're going to be filling in for willie and al. >> then i'm ending my night with savannah and al. they're on "watch what happens live" tonight. >> you know why? they ask us, do you want to come on? what's your cocktail. >> we don't preinterview, we just want to know what cocktail you want. >> don't give it away. i thought it would be a conversation starter. >> you are so lame. >> apparently we can't give them away. i just went with a hard core
8:55 am
cocktail. let's just say yours should have an umbrella in it. >> anything on the beach? >> no. natalie. >> no. so you have your questions ready for us? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> you do? are you going to be nice to us? >> absolutely. i'm nothing but nice. >> are we going to be talking about it tomorrow? >> i hope so. >> you're going to be hungover. >> let's announce that the show will start at 8:00 tomorrow. it's a late night for zblus have you ever had nick get up and walk off the show? >> no, not yet. we'll see. >> he'll be walking off the show. >> we're back after your local news.
8:56 am
good morning to you, 8:56. it's not just you, doctors are seeing an increase of allergy patients that would normally suffer much later in the spring. but the warm weather and lack of rain, the particlate matter is increasing and plants are producing more pollen. unfortunately winds picking
8:57 am
up today, dry conditions. high 60s to low 70s today in the bay. in the north bay, red flag warning for hill top locations about 1,000 feet. low 70s around the tri valley. temperatures warming up even more.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, january 23, 2014. i'm natalie morales along with bravo's andy cohen. >> good morning. >> great to see you. >> great to see you. i'm excited to be here. >> last time you and i worked together we were in brazil. >> yeah. >> i'd like to be in brazil right now. >> i would and mind it either. we co-hosted the miss universe pageant. >> it was so nice and warm there. i would take in a second. >> i would too. >> a lot of people know you for your show "watch what happens
9:01 am
live." it's crazy what you get people to admit to on tv. >> this is interesting because matt and savannah are on tonight. they'll be staying up late. i'm a little nervous. >> why are you nervous? >> i'm nervous because i'm a matt fan from way back. so it's always a little -- >> and still. >> and still. and it's always a little, you know, something when someone that you admire comes into your teeny little tic tac sized clubhouse. >> but you're warming them with up with drinks. this is just water. >> day old water. >> what would your drink of choice be? >> maker's mark and water. or ginger ale. >> how much do you ply them with alcohol before they go on? >> how ever much they want. i start drinking at 10:59 p.m., right before the show. >> nice. we'll play a little game. because you put people in the hot seat. we're playing "life with andy."
9:02 am
finish the sentences. the guest i was most nervous to meet was -- >> oprah. >> really? did you have fun? >> i had a blast. once she danced into the clubhouse and she did, i was very zen. >> i'm a little nervous that matt and savannah got the invite and i didn't. >> i'm on every night. >> if you have a clubhouse, i'm all about the party. get the disco globe, i'm there. >> good. >> last thing i googled was? >> i googled lamborghini this morning because i was tweeting about justin bieber and the lamborghini and i wanted to make sure i spell it right. >> i'm not sure i can spell it right. >> l-a-m-b-o-r-g-h-i-n-i. >> favorite guest ever? >> cher. because she was super cher and giving me cher-ness. >> the whole thing. if you created another housewives where would it be? what city? >> i think everybody waited for
9:03 am
bravo to do texas for a long time. like dallas or houston. >> oh. >> but maybe -- maybe just totally unexpected and do boca and do wit seniors. >> can i make a suggestion? i would love to see housewives of dubai. >> bravo has done costing in dubai. never really cracked it, yes. >> oh, my gosh. it would be so amazing. if you weren't working in television, i would be a -- >> maybe a shrink. >> yeah. >> yeah. i like breaking down people's problems. >> you like to break down people too. >> i know. >> you get them to say a lot of things. >> yes, i do. >> i was shocked on your show, i mean, you got martha stewart to talk about how she had sexted before. >> yeah, we got her a little drunk. >> yeah. she'll play along. >> yeah. one of the big stories we have been talking about a lot and i know it's something on -- at the forefront for a lot of our athletes is the security fears and concerns in russia right now. >> yeah.
9:04 am
>> are you scared? >> you know, i'm a little concerned this time around. i think we always go in with a little bit of that healthy amount of concern and vigilance. >> right. >> but i think this time around, i think there's -- there's obviously a lot being done to make sure that these games are safe. >> right. >> but i think for the families of the athletes and for the athletes this time around, there's a healthy amount of fear as well. >> there seemed to be many more threats to disrupt the games this year. >> there are threats, yes. even not knowing where the so-called black widow terrorist might be. some questions if they're actually infiltrating parts of sochi already. we know that the attacks have already happened last month, they targeted a train station and trolley bus and more than 30 people were killed in the two attacks. i think we're hearing now from the athletes and the parents and
9:05 am
the u.s. snowboarder sage's parents say they're not going but you have one of the bobsledders said the mother is going but she's more focused. i think this is a question that a lot are thinking about today. is it worth having family come and see and cheer my along? that's kind of sad. >> it is sad. it's exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to be about. i know that russia has deployed like 40,000 police and security personnel. >> right. >> for a 1,500 ring around. >> as long as you're in that ring, it sounds like, you know, that's where you're going to have to be. >> stay in the freaking ring. >> what's depressing for us, usually we with go to the olympics, we like to go out and explore the country side and go report on the stories. here's what's happening in mcdonald's in olympic park. >> right. >> it's another big mac at olympic park. it will be so boring. >> cool.
9:06 am
you'll be wearing the ralph lauren sweaters. i dig -- i dig a pattern. they gave me one before the show. i'm excited about it. >> you like it? >> patch work quilt thing. >> yeah. i love it. >> like on your bed. >> we have to talk about biebs. >> since you were talking and tweeting about it. are you shocked he's arrested for this so-called -- >> drag racing and dui? i mean, am i shocked? no. i'm not shocked. i'm a belieber from never say never. but i like never say never, justin, i don't like scissor drag race justin. >> what is going on with the egg throwing? >> i know. just got to get it together. >> he's so talented. >> he is so talented but this does answer the age old question who rents a yellow lamborghini? when they go somewhere. >> justin bieber, there you go. >> but it's a little lame to
9:07 am
rent a yellow -- >> i saw the pictures this morning, like really? >> yeah. >> in your car segment -- >> the police are going to pull you over, whether, you know -- >> exactly. >> you're looking for trouble. >> you, over. especially if, you know, you're not too tall behind the wheel. >> so he was arrested between 4:15 and 4:25 in the morning. that's when the alleged drag race happened. >> right. >> two cars. he'll go charged with dui. >> yeah. >> drag racing. >> yeah, resisting arrest, perhaps. driving with an expired georgia driver's license as well. >> wow. >> yeah. >> so anyway, this is a story we'll be following. >> oh, i'm sure. >> he had a friend in the car with him who was also arrested apparently. we have reached out to his camp. we haven't heard back. >> what a shock. >> call us right now and talk to us about this. and what's going on with justin.
9:08 am
because we're all concerned. the beliebers are concerned. >> we are. messy boots is what i say about that. so there's been some charges of sexism at the australian open. >> yeah. >> did you hear about this? very interesting. okay. so the australian open, there was a canadian player, she advanced to the semifinals and she was asked in the post interview. look, this is a huge thing that just happened in her life. you get three minutes as a reporter, you're asking the questions. her name is -- she's eugenie bouchard, 19 years old. she's asked about who she would like to date courtside. >> you're getting a lot of mail and they want to know if you could date anyone in the world of sports, of movies, i'm sorry, they asked me to say this, who would you date? >> um, justin bieber?
9:09 am
>> okay. >> justin, if you're watching -- [ crowd reacts ] >> hey. >> that was until she heard that he rented a yellow lamborghini and got arrested. >> okay. i have so many things to say about this. >> well, jump in there. >> well, i mean on the one hand, i guess it is sexist. but if there was a hot guy who had just won, you know, we'd just be -- we have been looking at david beckham's underwear commercial for the last half hour. >> a good point. >> you want to know who they'd date. >> but at the same time, a huge accomplishment which she had just achieved and this is one of the two or three questions you get to ask her. >> i know. >> like come on. huge moment for canada, you know? they made it to the semifinals in the australian open. >> right. >> we have a heart warming story, this is great. >> speaking of -- >> speaking of heart warming,
9:10 am
there's a special ed teacher in an inner city school in seattle and he's raised $20,000 to help buy seahawks jerseys for every kid in the school. kevin zellko came up with the idea on january 11th. he teaches at an elementary school, but he works the sidelines as you see there as a beer vendor at the seahawks games. so at first, he put the money towards four or five jerseys so the kids would have them. as a surprise. but then he asked friends if they would contribute as well. and he created the campaign on crowd funding on the site, go fund me. that got the word out also on facebook and on twitter. as of wednesday afternoon, he's raised over $20,000. >> super sweet. >> amazing. >> he's going to purchase apparently about 450 or so jerseys for the schools. the seahawks themed assembly tomorrow. >> that's super sweet. >> we love stories like that. >> a little something sweet at the end of all that. >> absolutely. let's get a check of the weather.
9:11 am
dylan is standing across the way. she's in for al this morning. >> hey, good morning, guys. we have cool video coming out of hawaii. this is mount kill way what and it's erupting. it's nice when you get the video of an erupting volcano, so cool to see. but on the flip side of that, from molten lava just melting rock to freezing cold temperatures, we have got a huge dip in the jet stream. this is coming off the polar vortex up into canada. it's not just the frigid cold, but how far south it goes. all the way into parts of georgia, into parts of florida. and in fact, we have nearly half the country right now is under some sort of windchill warning or windchill advisory because of the bitter cold. so temperatures right now are 17 below in minneapolis. feels like 36 below. it's the windchill numbers. well below zero numbers that you have to dress for. the more you block the cold the warmer you'll feel outside. 28 in charlotte. charleston at 33 degrees. 10 degrees in new york city.
9:12 am
and that windc some interesting temperatures to start off the morning. upper 50s already in the east bay. oakland to san francisco warming things up down there. san jose hanging on to 46 degrees. on our way to about 68 in san jose. we will probably find some low 70s around the north bay. red flag warning today. look at the tri-valley. next week temperatures will climb. >> and that is your latest forecast. now back over to natalie and andy. >> all right, thank you, dylan. coming up next, from tablets to toys, retailers are slashing prices on everything. why right now is actually the best time to buy and where to get the deals right after this. have piranhas?
9:13 am
i believe so. does it have a dinosaur that can turn into a robot and chop the water like a karate ninja? yeah. wait, what? why would it not? [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. bigger is better. and at&t now covers more than 99% of all americans. ♪
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9:16 am
and now a new greek lowfat yogurt made just for kids. danimals superstars. your kids will love it! mmmm ♪ dannon. well, if you thought the holidays were a time to get a great deal, you can find lower prices fligright now. >> and there are huge deals on clothes and grills. >> well, here with the scoop on all the sales is hetha pravicar. you said this is one of the best januaries ever when it comes to sale. why? >> well, people spent around $6.1 billion on the holidays and retailers thought that people would spend even more. what they're trying to do is get rid of the overstock. so what we are going to see as consumers are massive discounts. >> you say that you can
9:17 am
negotiate at big major retailers. >> right. >> how do you do that? >> well, you go into the store and you say, listen, could you give me 10% to 15% off a little bit more? i have done it myself, it's very easy. but the key is to be nice about it. >> well, we did reach out to macy's and walmart and their policy is not to negotiate. i guess some will have different policies. >> right. >> and they do the price match as well. another form of negotiation. >> doesn't hurt to ask. what's the worst thing they can say, no? >> exactly. >> super bowl is right around the corner. a lot of people tend to go out and buy the big flat screen tvs. is this the time to do it? >> yes. i'm telling everyone to get their televisions now because as you said, they're on massive discount. then after the game, you may not be able to find what you're looking for. yeah, there's a lot of that inventory as i said that's flying out the doors. with all of these discounts, everyone is getting everything now.
9:18 am
if you wait you may not find what you want. >> do you go for the new big ultra hd or stick with things that are known? >> that's a good question. the big ultra hd, like the highest hd you can get? i'm telling people to wait. you want it to be a proven technology. case in point, 3-d televisions and if you walk by in best buy there's tumble weeds near those sections. >> you say jeans and these jeans specifically from j..c. penney' a great deal. >> these are the best priced jeans i also sold at jcpenney. the arizona jeans are on sale between $9 and $14. they were originally $30. arizona jeans, they are --
9:19 am
>> unclear about the hot pink. lady in a hot pink jean, not clear. sweater dresses. >> a lot of these retailers are trying to get rid of their winter -- >> i'm hiding behind the mannequin here. >> they're trying to get rid of these sweater dresses. these were originally priced between $30 to $55. these are at $14.99. so these are massive discount. >> at jcpenney as well. >> moving over quickly to winter coats. good time to stock up on the winter coat, right? >> we're in the middle of a winter vortex. if you don't have one, get one now. this is from macy's around $400 originally. this is now $139. >> when in doubt, belt it. belt it! look at these super cute shoes! >> everyone loves shoes. we're going back to jcpenney. i've been doing all this mall
9:20 am
crawl. these are the -- call is spring geor georgina boots. and these are the new balance sneakers, originally priced between $45 to $90. if you want to replenish your collection, these are on sale for $34.99. >> wow. and you brought some stuff for kids? >> yes. from toys "r" us, this is the meep ipad. >> we are out of time. thank you so much. we appreciate it. coming up next, i'm going to get you caught up on all the news you need. and coming up, if you're going through a mid-life c ♪ classical piano
9:21 am
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you'll figure it out. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker grew up knowing it has to be packed with lots of delicious fruit. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. taking a look at the headlines, a new move to make child car seats even safer, the national highway traffic safety administration wants child seats tested to see how well they work inside impact crashes. they would give car seat makers three years to make any needed changes. the group hopes the new tests will save the lives of at least five children a year in side-impact crashes. new options may be coming soon for netflix customers. the company is considering a plan that would let four people in the same household stream
9:24 am
movies and tv shows at the same time. the plan would cost about $12 a month. netflix may also introduce a budget plan at $6.99 a month. t-mobile is taking on the banking industry by launching a finance program of its own. it is starting a new service called mobile money by t-mobile. now, with it t-mobile customers can buy and reload prepaid visa debit cards with low fees or no fees. the cards can be used at atms across the country without a fee. t-mobile says the program will help millions of americans who don't have traditional accounts. a mini-makeover for some of the muppets on "sesame street" aimed at improving the health of children. the show's producers have teamed up with a heart doctor in hopes of cushing childhood obesity. among the most visible changes, bert and ernie will jump rope and cookie monster will down his favorite treat once a week and not every day. well, this may rock your cereal bowl. "time" magazine says despite their different fruity colors,
9:25 am
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9:26 am
and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. good thursday morning to you. i'm peggy bunker. investigators are looking into the shooting death of an is 1-year-old boy. last night deputies found the boy suffering from a gunshot wound at home in oakley. the boy may have accidentally shot himself. a teen charged with setting another teen's skirt on fire entered a plea today. he is being charged as an adult with hate rime enhancement. he says it was just a prank. comcast and nbc universal sal announced a ten-year deal
9:27 am
with the san francisco 49ers. they will provide internet access and free wifi for fans. also, they will build a new state of the art 1,000 square foot tv studio at that stadium for game day forecasts. a quick break and we'll be back with traffic and weather.
9:28 am
temperatures starting to climb now in the east bay and san francisco has gusty winds. 46 right now in san jose. watching this area of low pressure going from east to west. off shore winds for now. southeasterly winds later on this evening. clouds coming up the coast and showers on the way for the sierra. upper 60s and low 70s today. mix of 60s and 70s across the north bay. red flag warning for the north
9:29 am
bay hill stops. other here some slower drives. this is the truck scale near mission boulevard. the map will vow you the speeds in the orange there. also coming around the bent for fremont southbound 680. and two earlier crashes about the castro valley looks like it is clearing up, and there was a stall in downtown oakland. moving more smoothly here at the colise coliseum. >> thank you, a local news update for you here in a half an hour. see you back then.
9:30 am
and welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning, january 23rd, 2014. i'm here along with andy cohen, doing the head bob. >> you know what made me head bob? >> what's that? >> this nursing home calendar. >> it's a really cute stories. i'm not sure about head bobbing to it. this is in germany. and they recreated scenes from famous movies. i think you all know what this is from. >> here's "titanic." >> here's "dirty dancing."
9:31 am
>> she's in great shape. >> is she seeing anybody? >> and they make great gifts. >> apparently they were given to their families. >> i think we should create a film moment. >> i'm down. >> let's go to dylan dreyer, she's in for al. >> we are actually looking at cold temperatures, extending all the way down into houston, texas where tomorrow morning it is going to be very icy, just enough to glaze the roads and make things very slippery. we're also looking at lighter snow showers from minneapolis, up and and the great lakes. it is still warm out on the west coast, wafrm and dry. as we head into the weekend, a couple of lighter snow showers trying to move into the northeast. maybe 1 to 4 inches, especially
9:32 am
up in the higher elevations. the rest of the country is still mainly sunny and cold. still very frigid on sunday in the east where we could see wind chill values down below zero. it gets even colder as we go into next week and we're seeing interesting changes in our weather outside right now thanks to an area of low pressure moving east to west across the area. it will slow down around 4:00 this afternoon. isolated showers possible in the sierra. 68 in san jose, combination of 60s and low 70s around the north bay where that red flag warning is up. >> and that is your latest forecast. andy and natalie? >> now, if you do have a movie
9:33 am
pose you want us to strike -- keep it clean, people -- send it to us and we'll do it if possible. >> if you need a car with more room for your family -- >> or you want a sporty car -- >> we're looking at trends in cars. >> i think the trend is american-made products. we saw a new corvette, a ford f-150 with a bed and body of aluminum, which is a huge sea change for the industry. >> everybody wants an aluminum
9:34 am
car. and there's a self-driving car, which freaks me out. >> it freaks out a lot of people, especially lawyers. a lot of manufacturers are deep into research of self-driving vehicles. they're basically say they go could give you a car that drives itself. >> i would love a self-parallel parking car. i know they're doing that, too. let's talk about family cars. one of the cars you say is a go good one is the mazda 5. >> it's kind of off the radar. it's a mini minivan. it's smaller than a regular minivan. you can get it for under $25,000. >> what car are you recommending for storage and leg room? >> the dodge durango. you guys might have seen the "anchor man" commercials. it's a really big three row suv, can tow up to 6,000 pounds,
9:35 am
seven-seater, great fuel economy. it's really a truly great suv. >> it drives like a car and not like a truck, right? >> exactly. >> for the college age kid looking for a car, an interesting choice, the honda fit, comes in a lot of colors i hear. >> this was announced at detroit last week. it's really sort of a packaging miracle. can you fold down the seats, have a flat load floor. it's cute, fun, they're claiming 36 miles per hour combined. and it's affordable. >> we should mention that the honda fit, the last year's model -- the 2014, i guess this year's model did not perform well in the insurance institute highway safety test. >> yes. >> but honda got back to us and said they are making all the suggested changes for the 2015 model. >> exactly. >> and might i suggest that this would be the appropriate car for justin bieber to be renting when he goes to miami.
9:36 am
>> it's yellow. >> no drag racing in this one. >> what about for empty nesters? what do you recommend for them? >> you really can't go wrong with the all new ford mustang. this is an american icon, it's 50th anniversary this year, all new lower, longer, leaner, fast car yet great economy, too. and it's a convertible. >> and anyone going through the mid-life crisis, this is the car here. how much does this one cost? >> you can get them for $24 thursday, up to 26, 28. >> that would be the car if you're justin bieber. go american at least. thank you so much. >> and ordinary people helping thank you so much. what makes olive garden'slping 2 for $25 better than ever? rich, irresistible parmesan! the star of our new 2 for $25 menu. choose two melt-in-your mouth entrées topped with decadent parmesan
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9:40 am
split atoms? [ whoooosh! ] hey, how is that atom-splitting thing going? [ rattling ] [ electronic whistling ] oh! [ zap! ] a smarter way to shop around. now, that's progressive. call or click today. this morning on "hope to it," real life super heros. >> bringing comic book icons to life to help children battling serious illnesses. >> they're called heros for hire. their meission is to help the
9:41 am
kids find the hero within. >> it's more than a costume and more than fighting an evil nemesis. for john, heroism is about helping others. >> if we as adults can reach into the child and help them to dream and help them to hope and help them to see themselves as bigger than they really might at that time, then we can inspire them to do everything that they were designed and created to be. >> john and a team of super friends called heros for hire suit up for special missions. >> you need to give spidey a hug. >> partnering with the nonprofit golden kids, to challenge children to stand up to that distardly villain called cancer. >> for batman, who is their hero, who is their comic back character, who is on their bed sheets, to jump off of there and
9:42 am
sit on the edge of their bed and say you are my hero, that's when they don't give up. >> it made an impact for saul on a very difficult day of treatment. >> he gave me something i needed to do my whole life and i need to how to help other people at the same time. >> it was like a flashlight turned on behind that child's head. even though he had a mask on, you could see the smile cut across his face and you could see the light shine from his little eyes and he pulled his mask down and looked at his daddy and he said "she brought me batman." >> john has experienced his own childhood trauma. at 12 years old, he was the victim of molestation by an
9:43 am
adult he trusted. >> my life was a downward spiel as a resu -- spiral as a result of the situation. unfortunately god grabbed me and said let me help you with it and i let go of the shame and the guilt. >> john turned his life around, serving as a firefighter and going to iraq. >> hair is not what makes you great. it who you are inside. >> unmasking the superhero. >> anybody can be batman. all you have to do is make a decision that if you want to do things for other people -- does the fact that i don't have hair matter to you? >> no. >> and guess what, it shouldn't
9:44 am
matter to you either. >> so great. the folks at heros for hire sent us this cape. it's actually robin's cape. they had a bunch of little heros sign it for us. we're grateful for this gift but i think what we're going to actually do is sign it and send it back to the good folks at heros for hire and they can auction it off and use the proceeds for kids who can really use it. so, andy, here you go. gold pen for you. >> those kids are hero. >> we'll get some of the celebrities in our orange room to sign it as well. celebrities in our orange room to sign it as well. >> i do it every day. i do it too. i do it and my husband loves it. [ female announcer ] do it. bring out your beauty from within with nature's bounty® hair, skin & nails. it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside. with biotin for healthy hair and nails.° and vitamins c and e for healthy skin.° i do it. it makes me feel beautiful.
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9:48 am
with no annual contract. . you have kids at home, they're begging for a cute little puppy or maybe a little kitten like that but you're worried about who is going to take care of it, right? >> you may be right, though not every pet is perfect for every family. i want to say i just rescued the perfect dog. he's a beagle mix. >> here is what you need to know to make the right choice of the receipt animal for you. good morning. >> good morning. >> all these animals are available for adoption at the new york animal rescue in brooklyn. >> great. if a family is considering adopting, rescuing, what's the first thing to consider? >> i think the first thing you
9:49 am
just said it is just because an animal is available for adoption doesn't mean it's appropriate for your family. it's not just that your kids want a guinea pig or a puppy, you have to look at what time and financial concerns does it mean for the parents. it is really the parents who take care of it. >> it's a lot of work and a lot of joy. >> and also a big financial commitment. think to yourself, should you get a puppy or an adult dog. you got an adult dog, right? >> he's a year. >> sometimes that easier because you skip over the house breaking. >> or can you get a kitten. they can be super playful and super social. >> and they're so much easier to
9:50 am
take care of. you don't have to walk them. >> and they're a little less expensive in terms of maintenance. >> and birds. >> parakeets and cockatiels tend to be the best. you want to make sure they're supervised. if you have an animal in the enclosure, i suggest you don't leave the enclosure in the child's room because you're not there to supervise when they interact. >> this is one of my favorite animals in the world, a guinea pig. of the pocket pets, mis, guinea pig, gerbils. >> oh!
9:51 am
>> this is one of the easiest keepers. >> you shouldn't put your lip in a guinea pig's mouth. >> i was thinking that but i'm telling i'm not telling andy cohen that. >> news you can use -- >> they're generally animals that don't tend to nip a lot. they make adorable noises. i wanted you to hear the little squeal. >> it's turtle time! >> this is a tortoise. there's a big difference. hold on tight, hold on tight. turtles are animals that live in water. they eat protein, which means they need to eat meat. turtles don't, they're herb herbivores. >> they're a little on the boring side. >> ooh! >> okay. >> i would agree. >> it's not doing a lot.
9:52 am
>> look at that turtle. >> they tend not to bite, which is great. you want to give this one a kiss in. >> no. >> i said that on purpose. you really should not kiss reptiles. there is concern of salmonella. you have to wash your hands. that's why you have to be careful with kids in the family. one of the most important things about turtles -- tortoises, i'm sorry, you need to get an appropriate uv light and that can be expensive, $30 to $100. >> the goldfish are great, they're at the end. we don't have time for that. if you're interested in adopting any of our pets here except julius, our goldfish, you can go to our web site. >> rescue. it's always about rescuing. >> i rescued my girl, too. we're back right after this.
9:53 am
♪ [ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪
9:54 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
9:55 am
what's coming up next hour? ladies? >> we both have a mint in our mouth. >> yesterday you see in the movie, her hair is cut so short. >> major transformation. unrecognizable. are you going to the grammys? >> no. he can't. >> okay. >> okay. >> all that and more. >>
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. it is 9:56, i'm scott mcgrew. health officials are reminding people to get flu shots as they're reporting that 29 people have died from the flu.
9:57 am
health officials expect the number of new cases to rise as the flu season continues for the next few months. a single mother in vallejo seems to be in the right place at the right time. she saw a car accident and pulled an injured woman out. at 2011, she was at this scene on highway 101, she saw this big rig catch fire and pulled that driver to safety as well. good morning, the forecast right now shows 50s and 60s across the board already. 61 in the east bay as the off shore winds are warming things up. high of close to 70 in san jose and morgan hill, mid to upper 60s in the peninsula. near records again today. you see the temperatures there, and we'll be looking at them
9:58 am
climbing up even more towards next week. >> the pay bridge toll plaza where we have a slight back up, but as you approach coming off of the maize, things going pretty smoothly. there is a jam up past karlson. it is fine once you reach the berkeley area. we have a nice recovery from northbound 880 that was very slow north. we have a very slow drive 580 heading toward the castro valley. causing a problem, politblockin lane, scott. >> another local news update for you in half an hour. see you then. rarely get to
9:59 am
10:00 am
break news. >> i never have broken news before. break it. >> okay. shall we? >> let's break it.
10:01 am
>> you already know that justin bieber was arrested. what we have are results of a news conference that just ended moments ago. okay. so this is what happened. they say around 4:11 this morning police officers saw a yellow lamborghini drag racing down the streets of miami. okay. so they pulled over the car and they smelled alcohol. that is the alleged yellow lamborghini. then, they said he was put under arrest, justin bieber put under arrest and they say that it was a 30-mile-an-hour speed zone. according to cops he was going double that. they also say he was -- this is what they say, bieber acknowledged according to cops he was using prescription medication, he had been smoking marijuana and drinking beer. >> okay. >> so -- >> first of all, what about a yellow lamborghini yells i'm subtle? >> i know, right? >> like you're going to get pulled over if you're going 30
10:02 am
miles over in a yellow lamborghini, forget it. >> you're yelling. he's 19. legally he can't drink. >> no. and also on top of that, to be out at 4:00 in the morning, driving fast, nothing good. >> we did reach out to justin bieber's team and they said they have no comment at this time. >> the car was rented. do you know sometimes you'll have a rental car, it is a rental, it is a rental, whatever. play the music a little louder. this takes it to a totally different level. >> he's tiptoeing -- i know that everyone was talking about how he egged that person's house allegedly and it caused a lot of damage. when i saw the egging thing, i thought it was stupid. kids egg houses and toilet paper homes and stuff like that. when you're justin bieber and i saw an old picture of him when he had the swooped over hair and he looked like he was 13, it is hard to believe that that kid is now growing up and, you know, into this kid a little bit. >> it is sad, actually. >> it is. >> we have a little bit more sad
10:03 am
news and we feel terrible about it. >> yes, two breakups. big one, the first one is the wanted. >> you love this band, right? >> we had them on. they have a reality show. this is their song. ♪ the stars come down ♪ here and now my universe will never be the same ♪ ♪ i'm glad you came i'm glad you came ♪ >> they broke up. they claim that they were having some differences, but they're still technically a band. it says this will be their la last -- they decided to take some personal time off and pursue their own individual things. >> right. >> that's a bummer. >> they continue to exist, just not actively. i don't know what that means. >> if they want to unring the bell, they can go back and the band will be there. >> have the jonas brothers gotten back together? >> they broke up. they were together, now they broke up. >> broke up. >> but never back together? i can see them reuniting. >> i can too. >> and wanted probably too.
10:04 am
>> wanted probably too. here is one that is going to hit you, if you're over a certain age, this will break your heart. captain and tennille are getting a divorce. >> so sad. >> 39 years they were married. >> this makes me sad, love will keep us together, apparently not. >> i know. i remember them in that old picture. >> they look good. >> you know what's funny, this song reminds me of when i was a little kid, my brother and i had a jukebox and our jukebox was a box, a physical box and we had two buttons on the top and one said, love will keep us together and one said philadelphia freedom. my brother and i got in the box with a little record player, we were on the street corner and we would -- people would have to touch the button and say out loud what we wanted and we had two records, love will keep us together or philadelphia freedom. >> seriously? that is genius. that takes lemonade stand to a whole other level. >> and they brought the quarter. they got 25 cents, love will keep us together, philadelphia
10:05 am
freedom. >> you loved music literally since you were a little kid. i did too but never came up with a jukebox. >> toni is 73 years old, filed for divorce in january and tmz spoke to 71-year-old daryl dragon, that's his name. that's the captain. >> that's why he had so much fire. >> his quote was, i don't know why she filed, i got to figure it out for myself first. >> which is sad that he didn't exactly know. >> didn't know what was happening. >> after that many years of marriage, almost 40 years in hollywood, which is -- >> forever. >> oh, my god. this is theirs too? it is like -- ♪ with a man like you >> i wonder if this was about them. >> did you ever do any slow dances? >> yes. evan harris. >> where are you, evan? you slow danced to this? >> yeah. remember, like junior high. don't you remember when you first -- >> it was like this. remember. >> mine wasn't like that. >> you went right in? >> we had the seventh grade
10:06 am
shuffle. >> who was your seventh grade slow dance, do you know? >> i'm not going to drop any names but i remember i went to a camp and we would do that little dance. we would dance to like garth brooks. we were down there in texas. >> country has got -- that's the best way to go. >> yeah. kind of romantic. they sing some good love songs. >> nbc reached out to captain and tennille but no info. no one is calling us back. >> maybe they'll get back together. >> all right, so, this is gross. this next topic is kind of icky. you know about yoga and hot yoga. but now something called coed naked yoga. >> takes hot yoga to a whole new level. >> picture a naked person you don't know, next to you, doing -- >> downward dog. >> i'm sorry, that makes me -- >> the thing is, yoga is very -- i love yoga. i do yoga with my mom. my mom is a yogi. this is the thing. yoga is very relaxing, right? it is very relaxing to the point that people get too relaxed sometimes, you know what i mean and let out a little flatulence
10:07 am
or something. but you hide it. because you're dressed and you clothes on, you block it. if you're naked, it is all out there. >> you're right. you do the twists -- >> that's what they say. it is good for your -- releases toxins. >> and other things. >> the biggest toxin you ever had. >> oh, no. >> so naked yoga. and i couldn't look at myself in the mirror doing some of those moves. >> when i was married, my -- he would vacuum -- >> naked? >> sometimes he did. picks things up like la, la, la. nothing looks good like that. >> somebody you don't know, right? i wouldn't feel comfortable doing it. >> but apparently the naked yoga is popular in new york, the single sex places. now they're talking about going coed. and they say it is amazing and you feel so confident and comfortable in your own skin. and it frees you up, your
10:08 am
negative feelings. >> you must feel comfortable in your own skin if you get naked and -- >> i don't love. i don't love naked. at all. i just don't. i don't love it. >> i don't mind being naked in the comforts of my own home vacuuming, for example. >> you do? >> cleaning up. >> what about the gym? when you're in the gym and changing, do you change in front of anybody or do you go in the back -- >> depends how fast i can get all the goods off. sometimes i can be like -- but if have on the big sports bra that is holding me in -- >> you go in the back? >> yeah. >> speaking of naked, this is hot naked. david beckham's preview ad is out. >> if i looked like david beckham, i might do naked yoga. >> we have a couple of different -- ♪ ♪ no, no, no ♪ ain't do it but me
10:09 am
♪ no, no, no no, no, no, no ♪ ♪ no, no, no ♪ ain't nobody do it but me ♪ >> that's genius. that's genius. he's so handsome. >> such a discrepancy between the covered and the uncovered. >> i think sometimes guys who -- i think they look sexier with swim trunks on or with -- i think that's a sexier look than completely naked. do you? >> i mean -- >> do you? >> do you like that kind of -- we talked about banana yesterday. >> i would rather have a boxer. >> boxers or briefs is the question? >> yes. >> do you like something covering -- >> yeah, i just do. i think it looks sexier, like a guy in a cool pair of jeans is sexier than a guy walking around the house with nothing on. i think. we know you're worried about elizabeth mayhew. elizabeth mayhew was on our show yesterday. look at your face. she cut her finger. i got to tell you, when she
10:10 am
sliced it, i saw blood, it is that finger. >> i know. i didn't realize it was her middle finger. >> when she sliced it, blood gushed out, she covered it up really quickly and said it was nothing and it made me concerned because we saw blood. >> not only that, but then every next station had a knife in it. cut tomatoes, then we sharpened a knife. >> she kept doing it while she was holding the -- >> she's also -- she's a caterer. look at your face. >> i'm in pain. sometimes it is easier to be the one in pain than the one next to the person. >> she's laughing and you look totally -- >> i don't like -- anyway, the doc said she didn't need any kind of stitches or anything. so time for ihoda. this is actually an encore. i had to pick it because it was the grammys. it was the song of the year. i loved it before it was loved. i was cutting edge loving this one. >> you were? >> yes. let's crank it up. ♪ everybody get up >> this is a great one. >> there is something about it.
10:11 am
he's going to be performing at the grammies. >> is miley performing? >> i hope not. ♪ hey, hey, hey hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ >> i do love this. >> what do you do? are you up on top? >> embarrassing. >> you got to do it. ♪ maybe i'm going deaf >> people always go stop drowning out the best song of the world. >> this was my daughter's theme song, which i know is odd, but when it first came out, i didn't know what the meaning was. she loved it. every time it came on, she was like -- >> she liked it? >> not exactly like that. >> she was only 3 months. she would be like -- >> she really? >> she loved it. >> something about it. it is national pie day.
10:12 am
in case you're wondering. we're tasting some of them. guilt free. all the pie you want today, national pie day. we have a couple of choices, four choices here. caramel apple, cowboy. >> cowboy is something -- i think they do it probably all over the united states. in texas, a cowboy cookie, you throw in everything in the kitchen. whatever you want. chocolate, coconut. >> double cherry. and margarita. >> when some peoplehink -- what are you having? >> i'm having cowboy too because i'm from texas. >> oh, my god. >> mm-hmm. >> this has chocolate, butterscotch, coconut and pecans. >> how can you say that so fast? >> $4.50 each. hill country pie kitchen. so just real quick, some people they think pie -- >> they think -- >> they think pie in the face. >> you know those old shows where the comedians do the pie in the face. >> i love those. don't come over here. don't come over here. >> oh!
10:13 am
>> you know what? >> how was that? how does it taste? >> that's awesome. >> all right. guys, good sports. love them. all right, bitter cold didn't stop two ladies from getting ambushed by our "ambush makeover" team. >> wait until you see their gorgeous new looks. >> and a dramatic make under for her latest role. >> vanessa hudgens is here right after this. when you discover brookside chocolate, you discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers flavored with exotic fruit juices like pomegranate, goji with raspberry, and acai with blueberry. it's chocolate like you've never experienced it before. discover brookside.
10:14 am
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10:16 am
at 13 years old, vanessa hudgens appeared in her first feature film, but "disney's high school music trilogy" that turned her into a name playing the sweet gabrielle montef. >> and now she plays agnes apple bailey, searching for her biological father. let's take a look. >> things got real bad and i had to go.
10:17 am
and all that time, that letter was the only thing i ever got from you. now i'm just asking you for a little time, because i am done being passed off as someone's case number. i want out of the system. >> it was amazing. >> i'll tell you something, first of all, unrecognizable -- welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> unrecognizable in this movie. i mean, the hair, the piercings, the -- just the makeup. did you really feel like you were in character, because you're so credible and believable in that role. >> thank you. yeah. i did. i mean, i had a pretty good time, honestly, i never had a chance to sink my teeth into anything like this before. i love the idea of transformation when i saw charlize theron in "monster," i fell in love with that. when this came along, i was so excited. >> you didn't cut your hair, did you? >> i did. >> you cut your hair? >> when you cut your hair on --
10:18 am
>> i didn't cut my hair on screen, but a week and a half before hand and -- >> was that traumatic? >> it was liberating. >> was it? >> yeah, because it reminded me that i'm setting the pace for a different chapter in my life, and it was just a fresh start for a new character. >> sure. >> so you play this character apple who finally gets this home, this shelter. you spent time in a shelter with some of these teen moms. tell me about that. >> it was amazing, yeah. i went out two weeks before we started filming so i could get to know the girls and understand their lives a bit more. and they were so sweet, so welcoming and really just let me in, so grateful. >> we should point out, i got to say, you're a little bit of a trouper, before vanessa came out, she was cradling a little cat and had like a weird reaction. and -- >> i didn't know, i'm trying not to think about it. >> you're not acting like it is driving you crazy. >> i'm hanging in there. i'm hanging in there. >> when you take on a dramatic
10:19 am
role like this, does this make you hungry for more of those kind of roles or -- >> i did this movie first and then i did a movie called "the frozen ground," another drama and then "spring breakers ," so i really had a streak of really intense things to dive into. but i just did a comedy which was nice for my own mental health. and then, yeah, it is something that is so fun to do, and i love it, but i can't do it all the time. >> are we going to see you singing again? we love -- come on. >> where is that? >> maybe in the future. i have, like, little ideas i've been toying with and just trying to create something for myself and hopefully that will develop into something i can eventually share with the world. >> you were at the premiere last night. stars some amazing people. james earl jones. >> he's a priest. >> rosario dawson. >> amazing. >> it is so amazing. i was watching the movie last night at the premiere and i was going, it -- i want his voice to be my ring tone and james earl
10:20 am
jones, coolest thing ever. so amazing. >> little drama on the red carpet. what happened? >> no, i left my driver's license a while ago, and somehow rosario ended up with a jacket that i used to wear and she reaches into the pocket and my driver's license is there. on the carpet, she comes up. there it is. she comes up to me and holding my license. i was, like, i cannot believe you just found this. it was amazing. >> she -- >> we're happy for you. >> thank you. >> that is great. >> vanessa, thanks sweetie. "gimme shelter" hits theaters tomorrow. next, affordable ways to keep your home safe when you're out and thieves from coming in. hair and makeup for a few hours. just minutes imagine enough plastic to cover mt. rainier. what if we could keep that much plastic waste out of landfills each year. by using just one less trash bag each month... we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.
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10:23 am
but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. time for webtastic, we dig up the next video you'll want to share with your friends. >> the next is an inspiring ad for apple. and the lines from "dead poet's society." check it out. >> we read and write poetry because we're members of the human race and the human race is filled with passion, medicine, law, business, engineering. these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. but poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay
10:24 am
alive for, to quote whitman, owe me, owe life of the questions of these recurring, of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities filled with the foolish, what good of life. answer, you are here. life exists. and identity, the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. what will your verse be? >> oh, my god. >> i love that movie. i have no recollection of that -- >> i loved -- i saw this commercial during the football game. and henry and i both were like, we need to go explore the world. what are we doing here sitting on this couch? >> i was waiting for o captain, my captain? coming up, how to keep your home safe from intruders and the hours they lurk. "ambush makeovers," we love it. two fans come in from the cold and get hot new looks.
10:25 am
>> the reveal coming up after the local news and weather and a bunch of activia tummies, happy people. i won't settle for just anything when it comes to what i eat, because to be at my best... i need to eat things that help me feel good inside! my favorite discovery? new activia greek light nonfat yogurt. it has all the benefits of activia greek with 80 calories! mmm, so thick and creamy. with the exclusive probiotics bifidus regularis, activia helps regulate your digestive system. and when your tummy is happy, you feel like a champ! new activia greek light nonfat yogurt,
10:26 am
feeling good, starts from the inside. ♪ dannon. good morning to you, it's 10:26, i'm peggy bunker. investigators are looking into the shooting death of an 11-year-old boy. they found the boy suffering from a gunshot wound at a home
10:27 am
in oakley. a san francisco firefighter is recovering this morning after battling an apartment fire. the flames broke out about 6:00 this morning. everyone from the seven apartment units is believed to have made it out safely. a firefighter tell from the top story of the complex. he had minor injuries and no unwith else was hurt. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
we're seeing clear skies to start off the morning. and the offshore winds in the case of the north bay keeping the red flag warning top up for some areas. on the coast, high surf by courtesy of storms pushing big waves in through friday. upper 60s to mid 70s for the highs today. now for a check of your morning commute. we're looking through so the haze at this traffic. westbound 580 coming toward us. we'll look at the maps, first to the castro valley. 10:00 ago they cleared that big rig. recovery is happening there. liv livermore is smooth and going
10:30 am
through palo alto it's moving nicely. >> thank you, mike. we have more local news at 11:00. see you then. we are back with more of "today" on this thursty thursday with miss jenna bush hager, nice enough to fill in all week while kathie lee has been out. enjoying yourself? >> enjoying the cold and fun and i get to be here for the amazing plaza "ambush makeovers." when two lucky ladies are treated to brand-new looks from head to toe. >> love them. working their magic as always, "today" contribute or and styli to the stars louis licari. jenna bush knows. and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin. >> author. >> how was it outside? >> cold. >> yes. >> cold, bitter cold. and -- but amazingly there was still a crowd there and we even
10:31 am
had today on this coldest day had to turn people away. >> they come out for you guys. >> i know. >> it is freezing. it is thursday, i go i know why, you two. here we go. flavia bader, the last time she wore makeup was at her wedding 15 years ago. she said she was nervous but excited to get glammed up today. let's listen to her story. >> well, i saved them from the cold and julia, you seem excited about this for your mom. >> yes. >> okay. tell me why. >> she's always casual and i've never seen her in makeup. >> never seen her dressed up. and what do you think about this? do you think ural you'll be fre out when mommy comes out looking dressed up? >> yes. >> you ready for all this? >> yes. a little nervous. but, yeah. >> okay. we're excited. she's here with julia and jessica. she's also here with her sister-in-law kim, our next "ambush makeover" candidate.
10:32 am
kids, please keep your blindfolds on for a second. here is flavia before. all right, girl. let's see the new you. >> wow, wow. okay. get ready to take off your blindfolds, kids. >> look at you. >> can you believe it. >> what do you think of your mom, guys? >> you ready? >> turn around. >> oh, my gosh. it is very stylish. >> you look beautiful. >> oh, my goodness. >> look at camera 12. >> what did you do? >> flavia is a runner, i wanted to keep it simple. i made the color closer to the original color, a little bright and a little red and clashed with the tones of her skin. i also gave her this great haircut, shorter in the back, longer in the front. the fringe, look how stylish and sexy that fringe is. >> the kids are in shock. julia, jessica, what do you
10:33 am
think? it is your mom. can you believe it? >> how does she look? >> amazing. >> that dress, wow. >> she's like i've never worn anything like this. so i thought, let's go bold. it is by maggie london and the trick is when you run horizontal stripes, you see the panel that will give you shape. >> all right. big round of applause for flavia. join your daughters and we'll ask you to face the wall, because -- >> if you wouldn't mind, and the girls can put the blindfolds back on. >> now we have her sister-in-law, kim. she's from knoxville, tennessee and she says after a 22-year hiatus from working, she's going back to work. and so she really wants a new look to change what this chapter of life. so -- >> let's listen to her story. >> let's listen to it. >> now it is your aunt's turn. when i asked you if you wanted a makeover, you took off your hat to show everybody.
10:34 am
>> boing. >> so tell me the look you're hoping for. >> i'm hoping for a more professional look. >> okay. so are you excited, nerve snoou? >> i'm excited. >> guys what do you think? >> i don't know. >> speechless. >> this is going to be dramatic, i promise. >> don't know what to think, but they're really not going to know what to think when they see their aunt come out. so if you guys will stay with your backs turned, can we have -- >> one last look at kim. >> and now have miss kim come on out. >> oh, my gosh! gorgeous. really beautiful. >> hold on, hold on. >> turn around, girls. >> no way! >> who are you? oh, your hair looks fantastic! oh, my gosh. we have to make her keep this
10:35 am
up. my brother is going to faint. >> what about you? >> what do you think, kim? >> i -- who is that? oh, my -- lord have mercy. >> stay right there. >> the trick here is she has curly hair. gave her a pinch of makeup, but emphasized the lashes which opened up her eyes. >> and let's talk about her dress. it is beautiful. >> so pretty. this is by maggie london. if you're going to opt for a dress, go with beige rather than black for a little bit of a -- >> you look beautiful. >> you too. >> great job. good job. >> amazing. >> coming up, the little things you need to know to keep intruders out of your house. >> and the effects teens have on
10:36 am
that whole family. >> you look so good. >> amazing. >> good jo wow, this hotel is amazing. oh no. who are you? who are you? wrong answer. wait, daddy, this is blair, he booked this room with priceline express deals and saved a ton. yeah, i didn't have to bid i got everything i wanted. oh good i always do. oh good he seemed nice. express deals. priceline savings without the bidding. in seconds it erases acle blur, the look of blur eye. lines, crow's feet, and bags. more than an eye cream, it's an instant eye smoother. see it. believe it. try it. new miracle blur eye from l'oreal. [ male announcer ] can't believe you can pronounce everything in it? believe. new deliciously simple from i can't believe it's not butter! with 100% taste and zero artificial preservatives.
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10:39 am
just $6.99. imagine this. you're out all day taking care of business and running errands and you return home and youd out somebody has broken into your house. >> about 2 million homes in the united states are burglarized each year. and rentals are just as vulnerable as the home you own. >> what can you do to protect yourself? safety chick kathleen beattie is here with smart ideas. you always have good ones for us. >> we need some help. >> time of day. there is a certain time of day when burglars like to strike. >> burglars case neighborhoods. they watch your coming and going. so the most common time of day is when you're taking the children to school and you're going off to work and the burglars know that you're not around and the neighborhoods are a little emptier. it is time do their -- >> tell us the signs, like beware of dog or house has an alarm system. does it work? >> i don't know about that, but here's the point. i certainly don't want to rely on a sign to protect me from a
10:40 am
bad guy breaking into my house. build a perimeter of safety around your home, physically and virtually. start with the perimeter and think of plant thorny bushes down the sides of your property. it is not inviting for somebody to jump over the fence, right? and then light it up, have sensor lights. as you get close, this is the biggest thing people do, you know, a lot of home invasion robberies happen by people just showing up at your door, knocking on your door and you open it for anyone. the point is, be aware and also be selective about who you let in your house. this product is a peephole -- so you have a peephole, this is a digital peephole. so what you do is when someone comes to the door, this is on the inside, you press it, and you can see the person on the other side. and also -- it is me now. >> if you were looking in the door, you would know it was you. >> what it also does is it takes a picture of who is out there. for a few dollars more, you can add an sm card and motion sensor
10:41 am
takes a picture of whoever is at your front door. >> brilliant. >> this is the same concept. this is a doorbell peephole. so if you're upstairs with the baby, a person rings the doorbell, you get it on your hand set next to your bed -- >> you know who it is. >> exactly. >> awesome. >> locks are important. everybody wants a solid dead bolt. this is a kwik set lock. let's say you lose a key or you break up with someone and you don't want them to have a key anymore, you rekey this yourself with this -- i don't know where the little tool is -- with this little tool. and a key, you stick it in the cylinder and it rekeys. >> so you don't have to get the lock smith involved. that's great. >> if you want to bump it up a notch, i say do away with keys altogether. this is the kwik set smart code. >> you enter your own code. >> everyone can have a different one. >> if the power goes out, is that -- >> no, battery.
10:42 am
>> good question. >> i'm on it. >> you are. >> now, surveillance cameras are expensive. right? sight, this is the most amazing app. it is a software app that actually has human recognition. >> wow. >> so for $60 you can download this app on your computer and it connects with any ip, even in web cam. >> i have a question. so why -- where is the camera? >> the camera is in the orange room, right? >> we did earlier surveillance -- a web cam was in the control room and so this is what we caught. >> mm-hmm. >> oh, my goodness. >> see the yellow box. >> he looks like trouble. >> that is -- >> trouble. >> recognizing that's a human versus a pet or a leaf or whatever. >> that little puppy right there -- >> is it a puppy? >> exactly. yeah. all right. >> brilliant question. >> the last thing is, if you're going away, when burglars break in, they take the whole safe. these are fake safes you can put -- all kinds.
10:43 am
the outlet, the cabbage -- >> a cabbage? >> exactly. lettuce, whatever. >> i need the cabbage safe. >> stick in your valuables. >> we'll see you tomorrow i think too. for more of kathleen's tips, logon to, how to protect yourself from accidents that can happen in the house. >> and do you feel rejected or have low self-esteem? i'm not asking you. >> it's depressing. it could be because of your teenager. blame your kids. we'll explain. >> also, french women say they don't need face-lif [ female announcer ] 1 hour to go, 1 hour to whiten.
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10:47 am
anyone raising a teenager knows that they can try your patience. butting heads over everything have curfew, how they dress and who their friends are. >> while they think you're ruining their life, it turns out they could be ruining yours. >> what a great segment.
10:48 am
tracy beckerman is a syndicated humor columnist and author of "lost in suburbia: a mom war." the concept of this, the overall headline is scary, that somehow our teenagers are harming us. >> right. >> yes. tell us. give us the headline here. >> see the gray hair. i think the fact is that you have to think about the fact that your teens are pushing for their independence, they're growing, pushing you away, and as a parent, you've been there, protenting them, really trying to make sure they're okay and everything has changed. it is like someone flew into your house, took your kid, put them away, replaced them with somebody you do not know. and some kind of clone of them and it impacts you as your worry increases, stress levels, hurts your body, it impacts your relationship with your partner, it creates all sorts of drama for parents. we also have the drama for kids. >> it is so funny, i'm sitting here and the three of us, i'm the only one with actual
10:49 am
teenagers and i understand why i look so much older than the rest of you. they sap the life out of you. >> you said wait until -- you thought giving birth was hard. you have a 16-year-old daughter. and a couple of years ago you were butting heads. talk about that. >> she's so much like me. and that's where you run into trouble. she wants her own independence, wants a chance to make her own choices and stuff. what we figured out, because we didn't have a handbook, you don't have to take a test like you do to drive a card or raise kids, so what we figured out is that we need to give her choices, but within certain limits. >> isn't it weird, though, at one point your kids can't live without you and then they want absolutely nothing to do with you. that's got have just a real kind of emotional impact. >> they just text me. >> that's talking to them, unfortunately. there is a truth to the fact that in building independence, it is really hard to know how to do it a little bit, you know, there is a sense of don't want anything to do with you because i need to figure it out. similarly to a 2 or 3-year-old
10:50 am
f. but they're louder, more aggressive, in your face. >> it makes you louder, more aggressive and crazier. >> and a study says it also affects marriages. trac tracy, did it affect yours? ! we had to stop and take stock of where we were at. before he would go to work, i would be with the kids, i can make the decisions and now we had to get on the same page. it is like my kid would ask me if they could do something, go to a friend's house whose parents weren't going to be home who were throwing a party and i would say, hold on a second, i'm not sure that's such a good idea. and then i say, wait, let me talk to dad. >> sometimes kids know how to play their parents against each other. >> and they're masters at this. and parents feel so manipulated. it is effective. it gets them what they want. >> they are being manipulated. >> but it gets them what they want. to them it is not manipulation, which makes the need to check in with your partner that much more important. don't make unilateral decisions that will bite you in the butt
10:51 am
later. >> okay. i have a lot to look forward to, is that what you're saying? >> a long way away. >> this stuff is coming. >> all right. do you want shiny hair and younger looking skin? >> who doesn't? >> all right, open up the pantry doors, we're spilling beauty secre secrets. [ laughing ]
10:52 am
want to play hide and seek? yeah! 1... 2... 6... 10! [ female announcer ] piña colada yoplait. it is so good when you need a little escape. [ mom ] still counting. ♪ more than a feeling ♪ when i hear that old song they used to play ♪ ♪ more than a feeling [ female announcer ] yoplait light boston cream pie. at 90 calories it is so good when you want more than a feeling.
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at 90 calories it is so good women are known for being beautiful, but they don't spend their money on fancy face creams or plastic surgery. >> apparently the secret to looking young and having glowing skin is right in your own home. >> mireille guiliano is the author of the book "french women don't get face-lifts". >> we have been talking about her all morning. >> i've known you for eight years, you have not changed, your skin is gorgeous. let us in on the secret, if you
10:55 am
wouldn't mind. >> what is the difference between the french women's thinking about aging and american women? >> well, you know, on average french women embrace aging. and are accepting of aging. and they're motivated early on to prevent. so they have tricks. they want to look natural, and still be desired after 50. we have this great thing -- speaking french ] life starts at 50. >> let's talk about this stuff, the oils. tell us about them. >> oil is like a miracle oil because especially when you live in dry weather, like new york city, and, you know, wind, cold, you need something for your skin. argon oil comes from a tree in morocco. it is very hard to -- very little of it made, but it has vitamin e and you know that, you
10:56 am
know, i talk in my book about food lifts. >> food lifts? >> we need vitamin e. >> a little bit of argan oil. next up, masks. >> they tighten your pores, they're a detox. >> how often do you use? >> once a week. >> this you put a drop, you need very little of it. >> a day. >> this is a $30 bottle, but it lasts for nine months. >> okay. hair. >> hair. you can have -- a lot of french women use grandmother's recipe. that's lemon. it is perfect in and out. and we look for, you know, beauty comes from the inside. but you also have to take care of the outside to slow down the aging. >> the lemon, doesn't that strip the color out? >> no, no, no, gives a shine, but you -- one week you do the lemon, one week you do the red wine, because that also strengthens the hair and also it prevents it from falling off,
10:57 am
which as we age, we tend to -- >> where do you put that? in with conditioner or -- >> no, with your water, mix it, you know. >> as a shampoo, almost? >> as a last rinse and don't rinse it off and dry your hair. >> now to the makeup department. >> well, less is more. and as we have a few wrinkles like we do -- >> no, you don't. >> well, you hide them a little bit. and that means, you know, you tone down and you try to use lighter color, neutral color, you know that softens you, because the french women still want to be desired. >> yes. >> what kind of eye cream do you use under your eyes. >> i don't use -- >> you don't use -- ice cream, but no eye cream. >> we love you. >> eye cream is not necessary. when you have the argan oil, you put it all around. >> mireille, thank you so much. tomorrow, how to accident
10:58 am
proof your home year round. >> plus, bobbie's buzz and a
10:59 am
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right now at 11:00, a bay area neighborhood in shock. an 11-year-old shot to death in his home. a san francisco firefighter gets hurt in an apartment fire. and a smiling justin bieber arrested in miami. why authorities say it's no laughing matter. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm peggy bunker. we're learning about an apparent accidental shooting that took the life of an


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